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Editing & brand communication

Successful texts don’t want to sell anything.
They convince, address, arouse curiosity.

When creating a text, not only the medium, but also the customer group is decisive. Because the goals that a brand pursues are always reflected in the language with which it appeals to your prospects, potential buyers and customers.

A casual expression is inappropriate for customers of a premium provider, but appeals to those interested in a “hip” brand.


Text professionals with experience

We find the right word and the right tonality. More than 20 years of experience in journalism, editing and marketing for automotive, lifestyle and real estate help us to present topics – even those that require a lot of explanation – in an understandable and interesting way. This applies to short information texts as well as to intensive reports, press releases, employee information or mailings.

6-point checklist for a correct text

Texts must be relevant, accurate, exciting, correct and easy to read. On and offline.


They get to the point and don’t walk around the bush for long. A text is relevant if it takes up questions, topics and problems of the target group and, at best, offers solutions. The focus is on customer benefit and added value.


Correct means in this case:


The more spelling mistakes a text contains, the more untrustworthy the sender appears.
A good customer relationship is based on trust. The customer must be able to rely on the fact that the information in the text is thoroughly researched and corresponds to the truth.


Skewed images, skewed comparisons, false promises – deadly sins in writing. Good texts are apt, which means they are clear, do without empty words and pass the blablameter test. Here you can test your texts directly on too much hot air: www.blablameter.com

Clear and simple

Technical terms, complicated sentence construction, nominal style and nested sentences: that makes every reader desperate.

The magic formula is: the simpler, the better; the more concrete, the more comprehensible.

The same applies to unnecessary anglicisms. The emphasis is on unnecessary. Of course, no one will write from a screenshot today if someone has taken a screenshot. But everything that is regarded as so-called “hip” language or even a mix of German and English has no place in texts. The only exception is when it’s part of the corporate wording.


What use is the best text if it doesn’t inspire the reader? There is no second chance for the first impression. Therefore, the title and introduction must be convincing. This is the only way for the customer to become curious and read what you have to offer.


With a good text it behaves like with a musical composition. Even though the notes have been used countless times, artists always create new works from them: from simple songs to sophisticated operas.

This is also the case with lyrics. Professionals create new, unique texts from words that have been used countless times: from small teasers to exciting reportages.

Copy and paste from other pages, blogs or text sources are not only unfine. Google recognizes idlers and punishes pages accordingly. Apart from that, the reader also feels when stolen passages are presented to him.

No more yada yada! Put value on really good texts!