Simple good content

Content marketing is as old as mankind itself.

What do cavemen, ancient Romans and modern man have in common? They all love good stories. And nothing but good stories hide behind the term content marketing. The difference to our ancestors: The seemingly endless possibility of channels to tell stories today. So the new-fangled term is not such a new fashion at all, but rather an old hat. But one that is as important today as it was then to convey messages.

What means beeing a good story?
It is relevant, exciting, trustworthy, authentic, unique and of high quality. In order to inspire your customers, the story you tell about your product or company should meet at least half of the above criteria. And it must always be one thing: true!

How do you tell a good story?
With words, in pictures, per spot! Which channel is the right one depends on the product, budget and message. The decisive factor, however, is not the big screen, but the right story.

“What drives people is not facts and data, but feelings, stories and above all other people.”

Researcher Manfred Spitzer

Let us write your history together!